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You may have seen the headlines read, “Surgeon General says there is no value in locking people up for marijuana” thinking, “Wow, that’s a progressive stance!” However, it’s also empirically false.

In case you missed Green Rush LIVE this week, we sat down and asked industry legends like Bruce Linton, Deb Borchardt, Steve Andrews, Curt Dalton of, Jocelyn Sheltraw and David Rabinovitz about what they would do first if they new the date of cannabis legalization.  We picked March 1, 2022 as the “day of […]

Getting to closing on a cannabis M&A transaction is always a hurdle (read about that process in detail here). There are always a lot more contingencies to closing for cannabis M&A transactions than for run-of-the-mill businesses that don’t operate in highly regulated fields (e.g., cannabis acquisitions will require approval from state and possibly local agencies). […]

In other words, it’s time we rethink the way we police society. What constitutes as a crime and what is merely a means of the police exploiting vulnerable populations. Additionally, in order to curtail this racist trend – it is absolutely essential that the police do not have Qualified Immunity.

To show how serious they are with this 2022 goal, Maryland has instituted a workgroup to examine all aspects of cannabis legalization. By “All aspects” here, we mean the possession and buying of legal marijuana as well as licensing and oversight of the marijuana business. Taxes and the number of marijuana licenses to be issued […]