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This article was originally published on Cash Only. Sign up for the newsletter here and follow Cash Only on Instagram and Twitter. Alex Heir is an artist, musician, and clothing designer whose work—often under the name Death Traitors—largely defined the aesthetics of punk, noise, and industrial music throughout New York over the last decade and […]

The world of modern cannabis genetics can tend to feel like it’s dedicated to the hype of the moment, but Green House Seed Company founder Arjan Roskam taps into cannabis genetics at the source. Be it the hills of South America or the rivers of Africa, Roskam has spent much of his life hunting the […]

In 2024, we may finally see adult use marijuana in Florida. This week, Smart & Safe Florida, a non-profit political organization, filed its ballot initiative, “Adult Personal Use of Marijuana“, with the  Division of Elections to legalize adult use marijuana in Florida. Make it Legal Florida already unsuccessfully tried to get adult use on the […]

The cannabis sector has massive deficiencies in markets like growing supplies when it comes to being able to offer marketable goods and services to hobby farmers who can spend anywhere from a few dollars to more than $1,000 per crop. In reality, slightly less than 58% of home growers claim to spend under $200 on […]

A brand-new study by plant biologists at the University of British Columbia has just revealed the processes used by the cannabis plant to produce THC and CBD. This is fascinating research for consumers and plant enthusiasts, but especially for biotech firms that are trying to synthetically produce THC and CBD in the lab.