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Nota por Ulises Román Rodríguez publicada originalmente en El Planteo. Más artículos por El Planteo en High Times en Español. Síguenos en Instagram (@El.Planteo) y Twitter (@ElPlanteo). Anochecer de un día agitado en Paraná. Después de mirar una película en el Festival Internacional de Cine de Entre Ríos y de darle la teta a Felipe, la flamante diputada nacional […]

Born in Nashville with roots in LA, DazeD8 is where science meets art as innovators in the recreational hemp space. The post Step up to the plate with DazeD8 delta-8 appeared first on Leafly.

You don’t need cancer to smoke medical pot in New York anymore. The post New York medical cannabis approved for ‘any’ condition a doctor recommends appeared first on Leafly.

With Minnesota set to become the next front in the battle over cannabis legalization, a coalition of opponents is banding together to keep prohibition in place. Under the straightforward name of “Minnesotans Against Marijuana Legalization,” the coalition “consists of the Minnesota Trucking Association, the state’s police and peace officers association and the Minnesota Catholic Conference, […]

Perhaps due to fate, The Sisters of the Valley—the nun-like hemp bearers of Central Valley, California—are mailing approximately 13,000 high-CBD hemp souvenir seeds to 1,000 customers under a new program designed as a “thank you” to their customer base. The Sisters are pulling a list on February 1 from their store of the last 1,000 […]