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This is why it’s important to always take it slow when you are consuming edibles because the moment you overdose – you’re in for a trip. Fortunately, the odds of you dying is slim to none. In most cases, finding a quiet place, drinking some coffee and going to sleep will get you through the […]

As the number of cannabis retail locations skyrocket, so does moral panic about a new kind of ‘herb’n sprawl’. The post ‘Pot shop’ panic plagues the Canadian cannabis industry appeared first on Leafly.

“We’re creating an entirely new class of cannabis professional. Something that doesn’t exist in the industry today, to be a voice for true quality.” Derek Gilman The post Can certified ‘Ganjiers’ do for cannabis what sommeliers do for wine? Program aims to find out appeared first on The Cannabist.

Even the most die-hard “medical only” German voices within the cannabis industry have been posting the news all over their social media including LinkedIn for the past week, even before the news was official. But as of Wednesday, that has changed, officially. The new so-called “Traffic Light Coalition” will indeed be legalizing recreational use cannabis […]

In April of this year, Florida’s first attempt at psychedelics reform failed, as a House subcommittee rejected HB 549. This bill, introduced by Rep. Michael Grieco (D-Miami Beach), would have legalized the use of psilocybin for mental treatment in the nation’s third most populous state. Despite this setback, 2021 could yet be a pivotal year […]