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A California lawmaker has introduced a bill that would allow the state’s licensed cannabis consumption lounges to sell freshly prepared foods and beverages and host live events. The measure, Assembly Bill 374 (AB 374), was introduced last week by Democratic Assembly Member Matt Haney. Under California law, cannabis consumption lounges are not allowed to sell […]

Feel like taking your creativity level… a bit higher? Available for booking beginning this week, Seth Rogen partnered with Airbnb to unveil “A High-ly Creative Retreat,” providing a unique getaway in Los Angeles with ceramic activities. The retreat features a ceramic studio with Rogen’s own handmade pottery, a display of his cannabis and lifestyle company […]

Throughout the Grammy-winner’s career, the genre-bending artist has collaborated with a long list of talent. Now, she’s enjoying intimate conversations with those musicians, not to mention playing songs with them during their talks. Now, the question is, how much of an introduction does Norah Jones need? She broke out with one of the highest selling albums […]

Missouri is poised to become the latest state in the U.S. to launch recreational cannabis sales. The move will likely attract the attention of marijuana businesses and voters in nearby Oklahoma, who will vote next month on whether to legalize adult use in a special election. Medical dispensaries are awaiting approval from the Missouri Department […]

A federal law that bars individuals who use marijuana from owning firearms has been declared unconstitutional by a federal judge in Oklahoma. Judge Patrick Wyrick, an appointee of former President Donald Trump, ruled in favor of a man who was charged in August for violating the ban, stating that it infringed upon his Second Amendment […]

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