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Nota por Javier Hasse publicada originalmente en El Planteo. Más artículos por El Planteo en High Times en Español. Síguenos en Instagram (@El.Planteo) y Twitter (@ElPlanteo). Carlos Santana, músico legendario e iluminado espiritual, ha cultivado una profunda relación con la marihuana; un vínculo que se sembró durante su infancia en México y que ha florecido con el tiempo “Estuve […]

Not far from the coast of Kenya in the iridescent Indian Ocean lies an island called Lamu, very much the same as it was a thousand years ago. Since time out of mind, Lamu has been a bustling entrépot of the African-Arabian trade, its wharves aswarm with dhows freighting ostrich feathers, elephant tusks and green […]

Arriving at a dispensary prepared and having done your homework will help you feel more confident during your visit. It also helps to approach the whole experience with an open mind; you will likely learn something new with every visit. Keep in mind that each visit to a cannabis dispensary presents an opportunity to learn […]

One would think that in 2023, Reefer Madness articles would be essentially non-existent. However, here we are with CNN publishing some unscientific anti-reefer nonsense, most probably sponsored by their sugar daddies – Pfizer. Nonetheless, it’s my duty as a cannabis activist to dismember the propaganda and show people just how insidious these media companies are. […]

California cannabis patient Sailene Ossman’s journey with the plant came after a horrific car accident when she was just 19 years old. Her injuries included a spinal fracture at the C2 vertebra, a fractured sternum, five broken ribs, a compound fracture of her right leg—nearly resulting in the amputation of her foot—as well as chronic […]

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