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The Greens’ justice spokesman, David Shoebridge, said the opinion from constitutional attorney Patrick Keyzer prepared the path for new federal laws as the minority party intensifies its push to legalize marijuana ahead of a planned private member’s bill to be tabled next year. According to the advice, there are three Commonwealth heads of authority that […]

A recent study shows that flower truly still reigns. The study which researchers claim to be one of; if not the most thorough reviews of marijuana consumption at the population level in the United States and Canada to date, investigates trends in marijuana usage patterns in the U.S and Canada from 2018 to 2020, with […]

Many people in social equity desire to see more significant improvements in their local communities, including increasing diversity among business owners and executives. Many of them entered the cannabis industry at the time since there weren’t many minority owners, and there still aren’t many. They should start to see more of these soon.

September 30, 2022

I was a stoner from the 70s, and didn’t recognize cannabis as medicine until I was presented with cancer in my 50s. They told me I was a stoner—a stupid one, at that. But now, I’m an Educated Stoner, and am wise to the lies. This month marks 10 years since getting educated on cannabis […]

Does federal legalization only matter if the provinces agree? One man is challenging Quebec’s personal cannabis cultivation ban and, after three years, the case has reached the Supreme Court. The post Supreme Court trial on homegrow ban reveals a bigger issue in federal cannabis legalization appeared first on Leafly.

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