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Jasmine Mans founded Buy Weed from Women. She discusses life as a queer, Black woman honoring healing with Leafly. The post Becoming Jasmine Mans: poet and founder of Buy Weed from Women appeared first on Leafly.

Seen as a protectionist, cottage measure to some stakeholders, residency requirements for cannabis licensure have been a staple in the industry since Washington and Colorado legalized cannabis statewide back in 2012. When I lived in Seattle, the local industry was mostly stoked then that “big money” and out-of-state interests couldn’t easily crash the party that […]

Within the last few years, there has been an increase in the number of products churned out from the cannabis industry. In fact, if you have been following the trends, you will find that more products are a mix of cannabis and wellness substances that have become customers-favorite. If you are keen on experimenting with […]

Have you noticed the uptick in CBD products sold at many businesses such as small coffee stands and even your local convenience store? CBD has skyrocketed in popularity as people are being introduced to its range of potential benefits. You might like to try hempettes for their relaxation properties or to help you stop smoking tobacco. […]

That’s the justification I suppose. I’m certain there’s also a decent amount of money for licensing his name to be used on a product. I’m sure he’ll make a sweet mint on the deal. According to the statement, some of the money will be diverted to good causes such as the Last Prisoner Project and […]