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A Japanese Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare panel met on May 25 to begin discussions regarding lifting the ban on medical cannabis to benefit patients who suffer from refractory epilepsy. As reported by The Asahi Shimbun, the ministry may revise the current law sometime this summer. Japanese law currently prohibits any possession or cultivation […]

Dog, we gotta stop complaining about the price of good weed. It’s killing the value we hold for a plant that was never meant to be cheap. People have dedicated their lives to making sure the world has this medicine. But seeing $3 1g joints and $15 eighths the first time we walked into a […]

Regulators in Oregon have released the first round of rules governing the state’s new voter-approved psilocybin therapy program. The rules, released last week by the Oregon Health Authority, detail various manufacturing requirements and safety procedures, as well as the permissible types of psilocybin products. According to The Oregonian, those are “just the first set of […]

It was all supposed to be so easy. The national strategy for the commercialization of the South African cannabis industry was published last year. This February, the president of South Africa, Cyril Ramaphosa said in his state of the nation address that development of the hemp and cannabis sector was a major priority for the […]

Inscríbase AQUÍ! En fechas recientes, Costa Rica dio un gran paso hacia la creación de una industria cannábica sostenible al promulgar su Ley del Cannabis para Uso Medicinal y Terapéutico y del Cáñamo para Uso Alimentario e Industrial. Dicha ley está pensada como un medio de asegurarle a los costarricenses un acceso seguro y costeable a productos […]