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Register HERE! Costa Rica recently made a big move towards creating a sustainable cannabis industry when it enacted its Law for the Medical and Therapeutical Use of Cannabis and the Food and Industrial Use of Hemp (Ley del Cannabis para Uso Medicinal y Terapéutico y del Cáñamo para Uso Alimentario e Industrial). This law is intended to […]

There are many ways you can medicate with them for treating rheumatoid arthritis pain. THC can be taken in small or higher doses to provide relief from pain while helping you sleep, though it may not be suitable for seniors or older people who have no experience with its psychoactive effects. CBD is widely used […]

Women, particularly mothers, can be one of the most critical voices in the marijuana movement and drug law amendment generally. In recent years, the notable differences in marijuana policy in the US can be deemed controversial because of the votes and voices of women and mothers, and the construct is gradually shifting.

Cannabis-infused gummy edibles are just like the chewy, juicy candies we all loved as children – and many of us still enjoy them to this day. They come in a huge variety of flavors, colors, and shapes. Consumers can also choose from a variety of THC and CBD formulations; some with just THC to get […]

Lawmakers are about to weed out a law that’s overgrown its usefulness. A seldom used and apparently unconstitutional part of the General Laws may soon be stricken, if an outside section of the state Senate’s fiscal 2023 budgets makes it past muster during Tuesday’s debate. “This court concluded that the… The post Massachusetts lawmakers looking […]