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The Liquor and Cannabis Board in the state of Washington said Wednesday that it has reached a settlement with Unicorn Brands LLC over a “a year-long investigation and multiple Administrative Violation Notices (AVNs) for creating synthetically-derived THC from hemp and distributing it into the state-regulated cannabis market.” The board said that Unicorn Brands “cooperated with […]

Three adult-use cannabis stores are expected to open on Saturday. We’ve got all the details. The post Vermont weed stores open Oct. 1, here’s where to find them appeared first on Leafly.

Oregon doesn’t want any new cannabis businesses. This turnabout rather happened quickly. Until this spring, the Oregon Liquor Control Commission (OLCC) issued most types of cannabis licenses to anyone who qualified under relatively broad parameters, through a cheap and simple licensing process. Oregon was even the first state to open its program to non-resident owners, […]

The pen. The cart. The pod. No matter what you call it, over the last 10 years, the weed vape has drastically altered the landscape of how we view cannabis—and where we can comfortably smoke it. From a Gen Z perspective, though, the weed pen is more than a notable addition to the game: it […]

The order to withdraw cannabis from the list of Schedule 1 drugs was one that should have come way earlier, as recreational cannabis had been legalized in the state. The Board of Pharmacy insisted that cannabis should remain a Schedule 1 substance but that was not in line with the state laws, so it was […]

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