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Growing marijuana requires care and talent, so ensure you love the process and have the essential information and tools. Continue reading to learn about the ten finest cannabis strains to grow this year (2023) for beginners and professionals.

The cannabis industry in Canada is facing significant challenges due to declining prices and oversupply. Despite efforts to address these issues, such as adopting pop-up retail strategies, businesses need help. The unsold cannabis stockpile has grown damaging companies’ profitability and margins

Think of it like a beer garden, but instead of drinking alcohol, guests smoke weed. The post Denver weed lounge could reopen next month, inviting locals for a toke in the consumption garden appeared first on The Cannabist.

Project CBD recently reported on studies indicating that cannabis terpenes — the compounds that give the plant its robust and distinctive smell — activate the CB1 cannabinoid receptor. What’s more, in the presence of THC (also a CB1 agonist), terpenes appear to modulate cannabinoid activity in varied and interesting ways.1,2 Today we focus on spicy-peppery […]

As a corporate attorney, one of the most common errors I see is failure to implement even basic corporate governance practices. This can lead to astoundingly bad places in certain circumstances. But even when it doesn’t, it is often costly to reconstruct past corporate actions. And that cost can be defrayed relatively easily. One way […]