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There’s nothing like getting stoned in the great outdoors. Check out these outdoor smoking accessories and enjoy your next adventure. The post 9 smoking accessories for the outdoorsy toker appeared first on Leafly.

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The Missouri Department of Health & Senior Services announced on May 18 that it would be transferring $5 million to the Missouri Veterans Commission (MVC). According to a press release, this is the third transfer of funds to the organization, which now totals up to $13,978,820. Director of Medical Marijuana, Lyndall Fraker, issued a statement […]

The City of Sacramento and Habitat for Humanity whipped up a plan to kill two birds with one stone—offering people busted with grow houses to donate their house to a worthy cause instead of paying high penalties. Since busted growers already face six-digit amounts of money in administrative penalties, this program would simply allow them […]

Want to now where to buy legal weed during a visit to Yellowstone National Park? Leafly has you covered. The post The best cannabis shops near Yellowstone National Park appeared first on Leafly.