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Furthermore, I believe in the ethos of “Deep-Art Your Opinion” which essentially states that if you have a  have an opinion on any given matter, to write it on social media is like pissing in oncoming wind – all you achieve is to get yourself covered in piss! Instead, if you have an opinion about […]

The Hollywood legend at the time was furious at these CBD Manufacturers as well as their marketers for framing him as an ambassador for their products with the use of web metadata and spam emails. The companies even went as far as to fabricate false interviews and fake news articles to drive home the points […]

Cannabis is taking its pride in several states as a leading substance for the medical and wellness community. With Pennsylvania as a case study, it is evident that more states are reevaluating their cannabis regulations to suit the ideals of the modern world. The contemporary world is more accepting of cannabis, and states who live […]

Get yourself a gig with happy customers and cool coworkers in America’s fastest-growing industry. The post Budtending by the numbers: Here’s where the jobs are appeared first on Leafly.

James Brobyn, the founder/CEO of Delaware-based CBD oil company Ambassador CBD, is taking the market by storm with something highly desirable: pure CBD oil imported from Jamaica and Colombia. After getting his Bachelor of Science from the United States Naval Academy and Master of Science from the University of Pennsylvania in NGO and nonprofit leadership, […]