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I’m not going to lie, it’s been a really weird month for me. From an uptick of trolls online to winning my first-ever award from Benzinga a few weeks ago, life is in a really surreal spot at the moment. I’m feeling seen. Because of this, I want to start this month’s post off with […]

I didn’t construct this Reality Distortion Field consciously, I didn’t know how to. If I understood the dynamics on how to build your own Reality Distortion Field, then I would probably have been able to get much more from my journeys throughout the globe. This is just one application with the Reality Distortion Field. You […]

This article demonstrates how to produce several cannabis strains in one location effectively. Although it is technically conceivable, there are several apparent problems with meeting the needs of many cannabis cultivars that are expanding simultaneously. Read on to look at ways to get around them and effectively produce several different cannabis strains in one growing […]

A functional dab setup is always ideal for the best results when dabbing. However, when you don’t have the complete setup, it’s time to get creative. These five tried-and-tested techniques will save the day when you have concentrates: just because you don’t have a dab rig doesn’t mean you can’t get high.

Is microdosing psychedelics a fad? A placebo? A panacea?

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