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Remember when weed was fun? We used to love it here. Now it sometimes feels like a chore. The fuck’s up with that? Well friends, here’s the sad truth: pot ain’t what it used to be, for a lot of reasons. Before we get into the nitty gritty, let’s go over how many of us […]

With a handful of Democrats pushing for broader social reforms, the Republicans are pushing a more economy-first model. The thing is, we should not need to mix these issues. While it’s true, the war on drugs has negatively affected marginalized communities…adding in these social justice revisions within the cannabis legalization bills will not solve their […]

Oregon State regulators will put a ban into action on cannabinoids made through laboratory processes; this makes the state the first to restrict the sale of the alleged synthetic cannabinoids by various regular retailers and grocery shops in the nation. The prohibition from the states’ marijuana regulators, which begins effect on the first of July, […]

As the industry continues to expand and with more states planning to approve their recreational or medical cannabis legislations before the end of the year, demand is expected to increase. Expect larger cannabis grow facilities to displace one or more of the above from their current spot on the list.

Edibles containing just 1 mg of THC can punch way above their weight and deliver amazing effects. Don’t listen to the haters. The post I’m obsessed with microdosing 1 mg edibles. Here’s why. appeared first on Leafly.