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However, some cannabis strains are more prone to making you cough than others. They are just harsher than others, likely because the growing conditions necessary for some of them. Some pot smokers don’t mind the coughing at all, and many even feel like coughing makes the high more intense, particularly when you’re holding it in […]

The first thing I want to do before I become involved in the relation of my story is thank all the High Times readers who wrote in and asked for another of my stories. The publisher was very pleased, although I was a little scared, as some people wrote with green crayon on red paper […]

However, no one else has done more for cannabis research than Dr. Raphael Mechoulam. The Israeli chemist, researcher, and professor of Medicinal Chemistry has devoted much of his life to studying marijuana. So much so, that he was given the nickname, “Godfather of Cannabis Research” early on. In 2016, his efforts were acknowledged and he […]

This article was originally published on Cash Only. Sign up for the newsletter here and follow Cash Only on Youtube, Instagram, and Twitter. Like her cannabis company’s slogan, Brett Heyman is “here for a good time.” The founder of accessories brand Edie Parker — as well as its luxury cannabis arm, Flower by Edie Parker […]

Although more research is needed on the subject, a 2016 study found that even one minute of exposure to cannabis secondhand smoke can significantly impair the function of blood vessel linings in rats for at least 90 minutes. Previous research also showed the presence of chemicals linked to respiratory diseases in marijuana smoke. According to […]

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