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A Virginia Circuit Judge stopped a domestic violence victim mid-testimony to jail her for alleged cannabis use. Loudon County Circuit Judge James P. Fisher in Virginia, who was recently presiding over a domestic violence case, sentenced the victim to 10 days in jail after she admitted that she smoked cannabis earlier that day. Fisher had […]

The cannabis cup is virtual this year—virtually awesome, that is, with our People’s Choice edition making it possible to judge safely from the comfort of your home. Here are the well-deserved winners of the Cannabis Cup Oklahoma: People’s Choice Edition 2021. Thank you to all the judges who put their hearts and souls into judging the competition […]

I’ve preached before on the blog about how often our firm gets pulled into M&A deals where the parties have screwed up reporting the transaction to cannabis regulators on both the state and local levels. In California, in particular, changes of ownership have been a painful affair where the Bureau of Cannabis Control (“BCC”) routinely […]

It’s election day in Canada! Reward yourself for voting with these six strains. The post Six strains for Election Day stress appeared first on Leafly.

I was inspired writing this article when seeing a few Reddit posts talking about “issues” they were having due to a partner smoking, and in one case – a plea from a son who was concerned about the cannabis consumption of his dad. Obviously, familial relationships will not be included in this particular piece – […]