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According to a product patent from the renowned marijuana laboratory, CaaMTech, substantial strides have been made in developing a comprehensive treatment that combines cannabinoids and psilocybin for treating both physical and mental health concerns. Located in Issaquah, Washington, less than 20 miles southeast of Seattle, CaaMTech is aggressively researching the interactions between these two chemicals […]

This was a significant milestone for cannabis because during the 1960s, the majority of cannabis that was coming into the United States was coming from tropical regions such as Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Colombia, Mexico, and Jamaica and were designated by names that indicated where they were grown such as Colombian Gold, Acapulco Gold, Michoacán, […]

We got a lot of good follow-up questions last week after our webinar covering cannabis litigation in the current down market. One of them related to the recovery of attorneys’ fees and how likely that is to happen. Potential recovery of attorneys’ fees is an important consideration at the outset of any case, but can […]

The country of Antigua and Barbuda has become one of the first in the Caribbean to authorize Rastafari to grow and smoke cannabis, an herb that is considered a sacrament by followers of the religion.  As the Associated Press reported, for decades, many Ratafari have been “been jailed and endured racial and religious profiling by […]

HHC is a chemical compound found in some cannabis and hemp strains. HHC has a similar structure to THC, but interacts differently in the body. When HHC enters the body, it binds to receptors in the brain and nervous system known as CB1 and CB2, which regulate many body functions. It can result in feelings […]