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The senior researcher, Shanna Babalonis, and her associates purchased eighty different CBD products for this investigation from Kentucky shops or online retailers. To precisely ascertain whether each product contained any THC, nine analyses were performed on each one.

Cannabis edibles pioneer Jody Hall has a new creation: Mushroom-infused coffee that comes with a legal kick. The post Adaptogenic mushrooms: Not quite magic, but they’ll give your morning coffee a lift appeared first on Leafly.

More and more Americans are trying psychedelics. Find out more about America’s fascination with psychedelic trips. The post Are psychedelics going mainstream? 28% of Americans have tried at least one psychedelic drug, new poll reveals appeared first on Leafly.

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Ever since cannabis became recreationally legal in Colorado, the industry has been on an upturn. Now, for the first time ever, the Colorado industry is trending down.  This became most obvious when looking at tax revenue, but there are other signs as well. Dispensaries are closing down, and delivery services and social clubs are still working […]