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Elevate your next NYC museum with a little cannabis or psychedelic pairing. You’ll never see art and science the same way. The post The best NYC museums to visit after tripping or toking appeared first on Leafly.

SIU researcher Dr. Dale “Buck” Buchanan, who is also a professor of physiology at the university, is a founding member of the Cannabis Science Center. “We started the Cannabis Science Center in … December 2018, when they took it off of the controlled substances lists and legalized use of industrial help nationwide,” said Buchanan in […]

A new poll released on Tuesday shows that nearly nine out of 10 Americans believe that cannabis should be legal in some form, with a strong majority saying that recreational marijuana should be legalized for adults. The survey, which was conducted by the Pew Research Center last month, was published online on November 22 after […]

After all, in 2022 we discovered more psychoactive cannabinoids than we ever thought possible, all of which happen to be totally legal derivatives of the hemp plant. As a result, we have more cannabinoids to choose from than ever before to really fine-tune the experience we’re looking for when we get high. Of course, that also […]

A series of three new research projects announced this week will seek to illuminate our understanding of microdosing LSD. The research is being spearheaded by The Beckley Foundation and its founder, the experienced psychedelics researcher Amanda Feilding. “The first study will assess the brain changes that take place during the mystical experience—that is, a profound […]