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Technology and robotics have long been examined in science fiction literature, art, film, and television, often exploring what the future could hold and how technology could be integrated into our lives through both positive and negative perspectives. Today, many of the leading technology companies are working on impressive and advanced robotic creations that have been […]

A mandate that legal cannabis merchants must pay a 6% “social responsibility fee” based on their total annual sales to the government has been revoked in Manitoba. The action may put around $7.8 million (Canadian) more in the coffers of firms that have been having trouble due to intense competition and low-profit margins.

The good news with magic mushrooms is that the body metabolizes it very quickly. After around 24 hours, there should be no detectable traces of mushrooms in your urine though it is no longer detectable in the blood in less than 24 hours. How long or short it takes for psilocybin to be excreted from […]

Black farmers in Florida stand to benefit from a medical cannabis bill passed in the waning days of the state legislature’s 2023 session. HB 837 would give a second chance to farmers passed over during an earlier application process to award what is known as the Pigford Black Farmer License. Pigford refers to a class-action […]

If you want to get slimmer and have a beach body in time for this summer, try consuming weed frequently. Frequent cannabis consumers may be leaner with a lower body mass index (BMI) than their non-consumer counterparts, data from a new study of mouse models suggests. While the munchies can induce appetite short-term, the overall […]