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When Humboldt State University journalism major, Ingrid Hart, created the Humboldt Honey in 1983, she had no idea the young woman pictured wearing the uniform we’ve all come to know as part of the culture of cannabis would cause such a stir, or continue to be relevant to this day. In the early 80s, posters […]

According to The Charlotte Observer, the cultivation site is located in the eastern part of the state in The Qualla Boundary. In addition to beginning its first harvest on Nov. 18, the tribe also plans to open the largest medical cannabis dispensary in the state sometime in 2023, which will be located in an old […]

Welcome to Part 2 in this series on New York’s cannabis retail dispensary regulations, covering security. In Part 1, we covered the rules around dispensary operations. As we also previously summarized, on Friday, October 28, 2022, the Office of Cannabis Management (OCM) released its “Guidance for Adult-Use Dispensaries” (the Regulations). The Regulations are promulgated to […]

In New York City, the scene has become a commonplace spectacle. Despite more than a year since the state legalized marijuana for adult use, not a single dispensary permit has been issued. A weed free-for-all has resulted as a result: In head stores, bodegas, and even from picnic tables on street corners, marijuana seemed to […]

Two-thirds of those who responded to the study indicated they would buy the same amount of marijuana around the holidays as they usually do, and 24% said they would spend more money on marijuana this year than they did last year. During the holidays, cannabis users estimate expending a total of $112 on cannabis. In […]