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A proposal to legalize recreational cannabis use for adults officially qualified for the Missouri ballot this week, giving voters there the opportunity to end the prohibition on pot this November. Missouri Secretary of State Jay Ashcroft said Tuesday that his office certified the legalization initiative petition for this year’s ballot, according to the Kansas City […]

At Pulsar, they believe quality concentrates deserve their own decanter of sorts. Now with the new Pulsar Sipper, the concentrates or 510 carts of your preference can truly be sipped and savored to their fullest potential. Courtesy of Pulsar The retro look of this product resembles a lava lamp, but besides the retro style, there […]

L.A. County commercial cannabis is finally coming in 2023. We covered the breaking news about L.A. County commercial cannabis regulations here. This is a huge deal, because L.A. County is the biggest county in the U.S. with over 9 million residents. L.A. County plans to allow the following businesses in in its borders in 2023: […]

Firstly, the reason why cartels are in legal cannabis states is not because they are growing “the same as they would in Mexico”. On the contrary, reports have shown that there has been a massive drop on price per kilo in Mexico due to the difference in product. You see, in places like California and […]

The US Food and Drug Administration has also started to recognize the potential of these drugs: in 2018, they designated certain psychedelic treatments with a “breakthrough therapy” status, which means that it has therapeutic potential. Several renowned medical schools and hospitals around the United States have also opened psychedelic medicine departments which have been entirely […]