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Here’s what cannabis investors need to know… Read the full article “J. Arnold Wealth Management Discloses New Stake in Cannabis ETF” on The Daily Marijuana Observer.

If you are a fan of the JPEG scene, you must have seen the new breed of Cats. The cats (also called Stoner Cats) were created within 24 hours to answer a celeb cash grab venture. Soon enough, Blazed Cats became a benevolent entity that has donated more than $215,000 to Mental Health America in its first […]

According to the report on WKBN, the partnership between both companies seeks to assist ex-convicts in securing jobs in the marijuana industry. Dionne Dowdy leads the operations at United Returning Citizens, and he says that the two organizations are erecting a marijuana, hemp hydroponic school with this idea.

At last 60% of all plastic products in the world are made from polymer resins. Everyday products like plastic bottles are made from the polymer resin known as Polyethylene terephthalate (PET). Hemp plastic is promising, however, the right technology to use in the mass creation of this product is not ready. Advocates for a less […]

Boston cannabis stores offer some of the finest weed on the East Coast. Here’s how to enjoy your legal high. The post The best things to do in Boston while high appeared first on Leafly.