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Prohibition is far more sinister than legalization. In every metric, for every argument…legalization simply is the better option. If you’re worried about the negatives, work on creating policies of education – invest in empowering people, instead of trying to limit their freedom through draconian “right leaning” laws that was literally founded on deception and racism…but […]

To discover the optimal way to smoke the world’s best weed, the team of iron lungs behind Proper Doinks worked their way backward. After rolling up the same selections side-by-side, the cannabis wasn’t always revealing its best expression. To uncover why they broke down the smoking process step-by-step. Embedded in the California cannabis scene, Adam […]

Critics argue that the Controlled Substance Act effectively turned the United States government into enforcers for the pharmaceutical industry. The legislation provided a legal framework that consolidated the industry’s power and restricted competition from alternative medicines and treatments. This monopolistic control not only limited patient choices but also contributed to the rising costs of healthcare […]

The primary difference between the effects of HHC and Delta-9 THC is that HHC is milder, producing less potent effects that don’t last as long. Otherwise, they foster very similar experiences, producing psychoactive and intoxicating effects, along with soothing wellness benefits.  Additionally, HHC and THC have different legal statuses. HHC is federally legal, while Delta-9 […]

Get your dad Brookstoned on our Father’s Day weed gadget gift guide for 2023. The post Father’s Day cannabis gadget gift guide 2023 appeared first on Leafly.