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The City of Sacramento and Habitat for Humanity whipped up a plan to kill two birds with one stone—offering people busted with grow houses to donate their house to a worthy cause instead of paying high penalties. Since busted growers already face six-digit amounts of money in administrative penalties, this program would simply allow them […]

The Missouri Department of Health & Senior Services announced on May 18 that it would be transferring $5 million to the Missouri Veterans Commission (MVC). According to a press release, this is the third transfer of funds to the organization, which now totals up to $13,978,820. Director of Medical Marijuana, Lyndall Fraker, issued a statement […]

Want to now where to buy legal weed during a visit to Yellowstone National Park? Leafly has you covered. The post The best cannabis shops near Yellowstone National Park appeared first on Leafly.

Research chemicals are newly-synthesized drugs that have not yet been scheduled by the FDA, making them very easy to order online under the guise of “not for human consumption.” Every year, teams of shadowy scientists from all around the globe create oodles of new chemical compounds that are relatively similar to drugs people already take […]

The Rhode Island General Assembly approved legislation to legalize recreational pot on Tuesday, culminating years of work by lawmakers and activists to reform the state’s cannabis policy. Democratic Governor Dan McKee is expected to sign the legislation Wednesday afternoon, according to media reports, making Rhode Island the 19th state in the nation to legalize cannabis […]