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Regulators in Alabama last week signed off on rules for the state’s new medical cannabis law. The Montgomery Advertiser reported that the Alabama Medical Cannabis Commission approved 171 pages worth of rules, which pertain to licensing and regulation of the industry. The approval of the rules came “after months of development and public input,” according […]

The psychedelic renaissance is upon us, with myriad research showing how substances like psilocybin, LSD, and more aid in mental health conditions like treatment-resistant depression and PTSD. More and more, the curiosity around psychedelics is increasing, with individuals seeing the potential of these mind-bending medicines to overcome perceived limits of the self. At the same […]

We recently examined the Office of Cannabis Management (“OCM”) scoring criteria for eligible Conditional Adult-Use Retail Dispensary (“CAURD”) applicants. Provided certain minimum requirements are met, the top scoring applicants who rank a given region as their first preference will be selected for a provisional license in that region– up to the number of allocated licenses […]

Can weed really help your body beat COVID? Or are researchers just blowing smoke? Here’s what we know. The post Recent study points to cannabis’ role in fighting COVID-19 appeared first on Leafly.

Cannabis users had significantly better outcomes compared to non-users as reflected in lower NIH scores (5.1 vs 6.0), shorter hospitalization (4 days vs. 6 days), lower ICU admission rates (12% vs. 31%), and less need for mechanical ventilation (6% vs. 17%),” reads the study. “ICU admission was 12 percentage points lower and intubation rates were […]