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The FLÜT LÜNCHBOX,” is a two-piece vaporizer with a circular base and a glass chamber into which vapor is deposited for consumption. The kit comes in two different varieties that differ by the shape of the chamber. One is black and shaped like a small vase and the other is turquoise, shaped like a sippy […]

Cannabis companies move a million miles an hour. Many cannabis companies don’t spend nearly enough time focusing on the “basics,” such as corporate governance and getting things in writing (for more posts on why handshake deals are bad, see articles linked at the bottom of this post). Another area where many cannabis businesses need some […]

This is a disgusting story, so if you get queasy easily, I’d recommend reading one of the news articles that went up today. It’s also slightly embarrassing, but seeing as how, while writing, it’s only my computer and I, there’s nothing to be embarrassed about; the fact that potentially millions of people will be reading […]

Born to humble beginnings in Venice Beach, Blake Johnson grew up in one of the most vibrant, eclectic environments that could shape a young man. In an area of Southern California where surfing, skateboarding, and cannabis pervade the culture, it’s no surprise that he was drawn to the few skateparks around his neighborhood at a […]

If you’ve run packs from the Bay or done any clandestine dealings in Humboldt before 2018 it’s more than likely at one time or another those transactions took place in the parking lot of the Tip Top, the only strip club in the Emerald Triangle and unofficial community hub of The Hill—the nickname affectionately given […]