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Amsterdam’s renowned Red Light District witnessed the dawn of a new era on Thursday as a ban on smoking cannabis on the streets came into force. This significant development is a critical component of a comprehensive city-wide initiative spearheaded by Mayor Femke Halsema, aimed at enhancing the overall livability of this famous district for its […]

On Memorial Day, the governor of Minnesota, Tim Walz, declared that he would sign the legislation legalizing cannabis for recreational use and erasing convictions for small-scale cannabis offenses. According to the local CBS News, the signing ceremony happened on this past Tuesday at noon.

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Derived from a high-quality Amanita muscaria extract, each bag is packed full of 2500mg of Amanita muscaria. Dark Side has been specifically formulated to be extremely potent and the most convenient Amanita muscaria product on the market today. “After numerous months of perfecting the dosage and users experience, we finally knew we had a product […]

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