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Radical Roots: Using Ancient Wisdom to Disrupt the CBD Industry

Written by on November 3, 2021

The only thing more exceptional than Radical Roots Herbs products is its founding story and the driving mission behind the brand. In an already-saturated market, Radical Roots is differentiating itself by keeping families at the forefront. Created by Dr. Chloe Weber, DACM, Radical Roots uses Chinese herbs combined with complete-spectrum hemp to bring innovative products to consumers of all kinds.

Weber began seriously studying hemp after her son, Remy, was diagnosed with an impressively rare genetic disorder—STXBP1, which causes numerous physical and cognitive challenges and severe epilepsy. As a mother and as an herbalist, Chloe was disappointed with the products she found on the market, finding them questionable as to purity from toxins and pesticides and underwhelming as to the true potential of these amazing plants.  

So, she decided to do something about it.

Courtesy of Radical Roots

Chloe began by creating “Remy’s Revenge” to support her son. The first formulation was cooked at home in a crock-pot, and after several weeks of regular use, Remy was showing undeniable improvement in many aspects of his life. Because of her passion for holistic health and wellness, and in support of other special-needs families like her own, Dr. Weber knew she needed to find a way to bring this life-changing formula to others who would benefit from it.

With her hands already full—juggling the responsibilities of a successful acupuncture practice with the demands of being a single mom—she began to explore the potential she found in Remy’s formula. Fueled by a desire to bring health to the forefront, and informed by what she was seeing in practice, Dr. Weber took expert knowledge of Chinese Medicine (which treats not only the presenting complaints, but also the underlying imbalances) and crafted unique formulas that address the different ailments that were leading people to seek relief—like insomnia, pain, anxiety and fatigue. Radical Roots was born.

Marrying the wisdom of an ancient science practiced the world over with a cutting-edge, alchemical, spagyric extraction technique, the company has produced some of the most powerful and pure products on the market. Third-party testing information is always available on their website, and Weber sources her hemp from farmers who use innovative biodynamic farming techniques that not only harness nature’s power but help to mend the earth. Guided by the principle to leave it better than you found it, Radical Roots Herbs also has future generations in mind.

In addition to their flagship formula named in honor of her son, the line has since expanded to include 14 distinct formulas which can be used individually to address specific ailments, or in combination for whole-body health. Nine of them are hemp-based and available as both titratable-dose oils and high-potency capsules, and five are made with Chinese herbs only so that even those who do not consume CBD can receive benefits.

Courtesy of Radical Roots

Like other small businesses in a large and competitive market, Radical Roots Herbs has had its challenges. Up against other companies with big budgets for advertising, merchant issues faced by those in the hemp and cannabis space, and the unique logistical and supply-side complications brought on by the pandemic, the last few years have been a wild ride. But Chloe’s commitment to bringing integrity to the industry and unquestionable tenacity in the face of overwhelming odds have helped the company weather the storm.  

Weber wouldn’t change a thing. Grateful for the lessons, and the ability to continue to positively affect the lives of people who have found Radical Roots, she knows that she’s right where she needs to be. Excited for the potential to educate and empower even more people around their health and wellness, Radical Roots Herbs also gives back to the communities that need it most. Not only do they extend a discount to people and families living with disability and those having demonstrable financial hardship, but they also donate to healthcare clinics working with veterans and underserved populations.

It’s clear that Radical Roots Herbs is taking a fresh, effective approach.

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